2021 4th International Symposium on Power Electronics and Control Engineering (ISPECE 2021)
Prof. Jizhong Zhu


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Prof. Jizhong Zhu(Link

South China University of Technology, China

Brief introduction:

Jizhong Zhu is a   Professor of South China University of Technology, and National Distinguished   Expert. He is an IET Fellow, IEEE PES Smart Building, Loads, Customer Systems   Technical Committee member, Chair of IEEE SBLC Load Subcommittee, Chair of   IEEE SBLC Asia-Pacific Working Group, IEEE SMC Technical Committee on   Intelligent Power and Energy Systems Technical Committee member. He is also   an Expert of IEEE 2030.9 Standard WG on Micro-grids, Expert of International   Electrotechnical Commission WGs IEC SEG6, IEC TC22 AHG1, IEC TC22 AHG2,   respectively, and Chair of IEEE Standard IEEE P2781 - Load Modeling and   Simulation for Power Systems. Dr. Zhu has worked at ALSTOM Grid Inc. in   Washington State, Howard University in Washington, D.C., the National   University of Singapore, Brunel University in England, and Chongqing   University in China. He was a Senior Principal Power Systems Engineer as well   as a Fellow with ALSTOM Grid Inc., and an honorable advisory professor of   Chongqing University. He has published six books as an author and co-author,   as well as about two hundred papers in the international journals and   conferences. His research interest is in the analysis, operation, planning   and control of power systems, smart grid, power markets as well as   applications of renewable energy.